Developed by the California-based company Accuray Inc., the CyberKnife System is the premier solution for full-body robotic radiosurgery system optimized to deliver radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiation therapy non-invasively throughout the body. Its ability to track and automatically correct for tumor motion during treatment enables delivery of high doses of radiation with extreme accuracy, providing personalized treatments to meet each patient’s needs.

Typically it is used with those patients who may have limited treatment options, and/or whose cancer has been described previously as inoperable. It does not require the use of stabilising frames or uncomfortable breath-holding techniques, which have been required with traditional radiotherapy – thus making the whole process a much easier and more comfortable experience for patients. Cyberknife is the premier solution for Bulgaria.

The latest innovation in the Cyberknife product line is the Cyberknife M6™ Series, featuring the new InCise™ Multileaf Collimator (optional on the FI vesrion) which features expanded clinical capabilities, reduced treatment times and an enhanced patient experience.